The B guitar chord

The B guitar chord is the symbol, which guitar players use for the B major chord on the guitar. This is a thee note chord, or triad, which we can form from the harmonic field of the G minor or B major. The B Chord as Part of the Harmonic… Read More »The B guitar chord


Electric Parts on Guitar Fetish

Guitar Fetish is an online store that sells a large number of items for guitar improvement. The categories of products available at guitar fetish include replacements for Necks, Guitar bodies, Bridges, Frets, Guitar neck nuts, Pickups, Guitar saddles, and other parts of a guitar. Fender Stratocaster: * best selection, lowest… Read More »Electric Parts on Guitar Fetish


Learning Guitar as an Adult

 Learning to play the guitar as adult may seem to be a difficult task for most people. Unfortunately, many players have no idea of what’s necessary for you to learn the guitar, so they end up reproducing unfounded myths about the instrument. But if you’re struggling to learn the guitar,… Read More »Learning Guitar as an Adult


Guitar Playing  for Busy Adults

Many adults have the dream to be able to play the guitar well. If they’re just beginning, or if they’re trying to improve their skills after many years, it always possible to improve your current level of guitar playing as an adult. First, we need to recognize that playing the… Read More »Guitar Playing  for Busy Adults


Top Tips to Play Guitar Chords

One of the easiest ways to start playing the guitar is to concentrate only on playing chords. In fact, this is such a common method that most players, especially for popular styles such as rock, blues, and pop, only know how to play chords on the guitar. Starting with Chords… Read More »Top Tips to Play Guitar Chords