How to Develop Your Musical Ear

One of the key advantages of learning guitar is the focus on how to develop your musical ear and sensibility. You learn to recognize different chords, strumming patterns, and melodies, training your ear to identify musical elements. This skill enhances your ability to play by ear, improvise, and create your… Read More »How to Develop Your Musical Ear


Am7 Guitar Chord Secrets

The Am7 guitar chord is the symbol for A minor with flat 7th. We show how to use the Am7 in several contexts, to understand how to apply it to any key. First, it is important to notice that this is a four note chord, or tetrad, with is formed… Read More »Am7 Guitar Chord Secrets

Digitech Trio

Digitech Trio+

The Digitech Trio is a looper pedal that provides several innovative features for guitar players. It was released to improve the ability of guitar players to generate drum parts that are lively and that adapt to the song you’re playing. This pedal will also generate automatic bass lines for your… Read More »Digitech Trio+